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Happy late New Years! :iconcreeperrick:Creeperrick 7 8 A little pichu sleeping :/ :iconcreeperrick:Creeperrick 2 0 Look A sleeping Raichu :iconcreeperrick:Creeperrick 2 0 Withered Bonnie is here :iconcreeperrick:Creeperrick 3 2 Withered Bonnie is here :iconcreeperrick:Creeperrick 0 0 Hey look it's toy Bonnie! :iconcreeperrick:Creeperrick 1 1 Some random teaser for something :iconcreeperrick:Creeperrick 2 1 MCSM Welcome to Team survival :iconcreeperrick:Creeperrick 9 2 MCSM The Enemy I will not let you go :iconcreeperrick:Creeperrick 8 3
If I ever stop uploading you know why
If I ever stop uploading in one of these days it is because I either got my phone taken away or some other reason
I hope you did not think I was gonna X_X I am still going to be alive
:iconcreeperrick:Creeperrick 0 0
To be concluded 61301 :iconcreeperrick:Creeperrick 5 3
MCSM The Enemy chapter 2 part 4 (SADNESS AHEAD)
Part 4 chapter 2
OK before you get into this chapter I am just saying that there will be sadness ahead so read at your own risk.
Aiden:You May have weakened Shadow but you forgot about me well it's time to kill you
Jesse and Petra: *drags out swords*
Jesse: You may be more powerful but still outnumbered and that makes killing you easier *punches Aiden*
Aiden: ... Well ... You really want to kill me.. Just like I wanted to kill you... Just like all your fails.... Like you failed to save Rueben.... Just like you failed to stop this war.... Just like you killed Justin.... You wil fail to defeat me and now your time to die is now *stabs Jesse*
Petra: JESSE NO!!
Aiden:You will never defeat will die....*gets out weapon*you will fail And you will lose this war *stabs Jesse with weapon*
Jesse: *falls down* ........ Wow you really did defeated me....It ended......I am the one I couldn't's too late.... *dies*
Aiden:*Teleports away*
Petra:why did
:iconcreeperrick:Creeperrick 0 2
MCSM The Enemy Part4 chapter 1
Part 4 chapter 1
So you may not know what happened after the end of chapter 2 in part 3 so here is a basic rundown about what happened
After Lukas and the order of the Warriors were told to leave.Jesse and Petra tried to defeat shadow and they did.Now they met up with Aiden.Creeperrick made it into Enderricks fortress expected to fight him.
Creeperrick's P.O.V
I have made it into my brother's fortress expected to fight him but who knows where he is I just have to remove the source of the weapon and fight him.Lets just hope he does not find me.
Creeperrick:*sees glowing Item*
That might be the source *takes it out* wait Is this my command block!? He stole it! Well at least I have it back
Enderrick:Well looks like you got your block back but you forgot about the Real source *opens trapdoor and takes out Redstone heart.
Creeperrick:wait how did you get that only 2 of them were created?!
Enderrick: I stole it *puts it back* but let's just forget that and get to the real point.I knew you wo
:iconcreeperrick:Creeperrick 0 1
Welp My 100th post :iconcreeperrick:Creeperrick 1 0 Just one more post XD :iconcreeperrick:Creeperrick 2 0 MCSM The Enemy: Luke :iconcreeperrick:Creeperrick 2 0


CM: Krizski ~ Amourshipping :iconkurumierika:KurumiErika 395 69 Serena x Satoshi - Harmony :iconkoreanmonk1984:koreanmonk1984 120 10 favorite fairy type :iconstelefoxy:SteleFoxy 38 4 that was when I ruled the world :iconstelefoxy:SteleFoxy 35 6 [Undertale] draw the squad like this :iconcloudy-eevee:Cloudy-Eevee 2,095 386 Undertale Meme (part 2) Poor Sans :iconrensaven:Rensaven 793 102 Withered :iconrhi-the-hybrid:Rhi-The-Hybrid 29 24 Besties :icontessie0713:Tessie0713 67 17 MCSM: TALK ABOUT PETRA'S HEIGHT :iconrandom-rengeki:Random-Rengeki 52 49 Minecraft Story Mode: POWER :iconxprettyxthexartistx:XPrettyXtheXArtistX 3 3 Minecraft Story Mode - Petra :iconkodretta:Kodretta 56 15 undertale trash...randomness... :iconaxelsashes:AXELSASHES 165 20 favorite grass type :iconstelefoxy:SteleFoxy 34 6 favorite dark type :iconstelefoxy:SteleFoxy 37 0 Ask Airalin Q22 :iconrakkuguy:RakkuGuy 3,118 1,218 Sun and Moon Starters :iconrakkuguy:RakkuGuy 3,213 463


There are some people who are getting too fake here on DA. They only want posts, comments, or to see how many friends they can get. So let's see who will actually re-post this. This is a test to see who's paying attention. This is a test to see how many people in my friend list actually pay attention. Copy and re-post in your own bulletin. Let's see who the true friends are... Re-post this if you are a friend... Don't reply... Just copy and paste this in a new journal as "Fake Friends"

**((This is personally not how I view a situation like this. Making friends isn't wrong, but appreciating the art of another is of top importance. Re-posting this should not define you as being a friend, but rather the thought that perhaps more DA account users should be aware that it hurts us deeply if our art is not recognized for what it is. I am re-posting only to make note that the post above is slightly negative and brings a bad outlook for DA. Don't worry about those who want you for just posts, comments, or as a competition for themselves. Just be happy that there are others out there that do appreciate your hard work and dedication here on DA.))

Original by :iconannalight2314:
I try to draw anime style but it always fails >_<
I think I should do a remake of my MCSM access denied picture
Welp Roblox has gone crazy over this John Doe sh*t

So I have been planning on making a new series called MCSM origins for a while and I am planning on fully starting the story.I am going to tell you guys more about it.The main story is about what had happened BEFORE the events of Minecraft story mode.All I can say is how the story begins.So many years ago In a far away region There was a city that was built into the side of a mountain.The city had been home to 50,000 people. The city was very popular since It was a huge city.Not that much of the city was being used since there were tons of empty buildings everywhere.One
Day Someone known as Jason had planned on an adventure into more regions around the planet and his friends and brother agreed.Unfortunately The city had been in War with another city who had been trying to claim the city for themselves and managed to eliminate everyone in the city only Jason and his friends escaped with his brother left behind and Unfortunately died in the attack.Jason has planned to Explore with his friends and They meet Many people and have grown into stronger warriors.The story will continue soon.

So that is all for now guys I am expecting to possibly go offline again which will give me more time to think of the storyline.


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United States
Hello Everyone I am Creeperrick.I am currently 13 years old And it's almost been a year since I joined DA I am usually active or inactive due to school based reasons but I will try to at least show up every once in a while and post some stuff.I am currently MCSM trash -maybe becoming Pokemon trash- and I hope you guys have liked my previous fanarts.


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